Up has closed. You can find many of DiscountXL's most popular products that have been moved into our other web stores:


Antioch Clipper from

Antioch Clipper™

Personal Airline Seat Belt Extenders from

Personal Airline Seatbelt Extenders

Air Travel Accessories from

Air Travel Accessories

BackScratcherWorld - The World's Best Source For Quality Back Scratchers

Back Scratchers

Large and XXL Blood Pressure Cuffs Blood Pressure Measurement Instruments
Sock Aids from

Sock and
 Dressing Aids

Extra Long Men's and Women's Watch Bands from Extra Long
Watch Bands
High Capacity Scales In All Models and Designs from

High Capacity Scales

Lotion Applicators and Pads from

Lotion Applicators

Nail Care Products from

Nail Care

Oversized Clothes Hangers from

Oversized Clothes Hangers

Extra Large Heating Pads from

Oversized Heating Pads and Wraps

Personal Hygiene Products from

Personal Hygiene Products

Reaching Tools That Extend Your Reach from

Reaching Tools
Long Reach Shoehorns from

Shoe Horns

Sponges and Scrubbers from

Sponges and Scrubbers

bulletAir Travel Items (Personal Airline Seat Belt Extenders, Air Travel accessories, etc.) can now be found in
bulletReaching Tools (suction cup, vertical jaw, replacement grippers, etc.) can now be found in
bulletExtra Long Watch Bands (men's watch bands, women's watch bands) can now be found in
bulletHealth / Beauty Items (back scratchers, sponges, scrubbers, lotion applicators, massagers, etc.) can now be found in
bulletMedical Items (oversized heating pads, blood pressure cuffs, personal hygiene items, etc.) can now be found in
bulletClothing Care Items (oversized hangers, sock aids, dressing aids, shoehorns, etc.) can now be found in

And watch for the grand opening of our new shopping mall which will feature products from all of our stores collected together in one easy to access, easy to navigate online store with a single shopping cart and checkout.