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ITI Web Stores is the retail operation of Intelligent Technologies, Inc. (ITI).  Founded in 1997 by Timothy C. Barry, a corporate executive with over 30 years of high technology company experience, ITI focuses on providing Internet development and business consulting services to startup and established businesses.  The company has evolved into a business consulting firm focused on the needs of start up  technology companies plus several online businesses.  The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia river from Portland, Oregon.

ITI has been providing consulting services since September, 1997, and it has access to the resources of a nationwide team of associates with significant experience in a wide variety of senior management engagements plus all relevant segments of the business, PC, legal, software and graphics arts industries required to successfully implement a wide variety of client solutions.  Rather than have the overhead of a large, fixed staff, ITI pulls together "tiger teams" of experienced resources as required to meet client requirements in the most cost effective manner.

ITI staff and its associates have provided and/or continue to provide consulting services for a marquee list of high profile clients including Casual Male Retail Group, Federal Express, Sun Microsystems, UCI Web Group, Cozy Winters, R-Care, ASTA Technology Group, For Our Grandchildren Social Security Reform Project and others.

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